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Re: Gua Musang

Postby sunn » Tue Oct 11, 2016 10:30 pm

muallij wrote:
muallij wrote:Restoran Dalam Taman At Home
N4.87545 E101.94717
Garden elite concept, special menu Venison black pepper, etc.

Updated 471 -sunn

Remove this because the restaurant has been moved to new location near Ketitir Lake (lokasi lama sudah kena hanyut bah kuning 2014)

Restoran Dalam Taman Di Tasik
N4.865377, E101.955121

DIY Gua Musang
N4.863309, E101.960480

Restoran Ranggos Cafe
N4.862694, E101.960614

Warung Air Buah Gelas Besar dan Lamb Chop
N4.878911, E101.963580
cheap lamb chop RM9, chicken chop RM7, juice 1 litre RM4

Hi muallij,

All the POI is not in the map. Did you download the latest version?
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Re: Gua Musang

Postby amamat » Mon Feb 13, 2017 10:29 pm

A few tracks and POIs mostly in Gua Musang but includes other areas in Kelantan.

Dropbox "Kesedar"

Updated 537 -sunn

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