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East West Expressway POIs Project

Postby pohon_piasau » Sat Feb 19, 2011 4:40 pm

Hy Guys,

I went to Kuala Terengganu from Penang on last 12th February, what I found that there are many rooms to improve on our MFM maps. The major road link was good but there are many minor road or alley that "May Be" important to traveler.

Many inportant POIs such as petrol pumps hasn't been update although I using latest map obtained from this forum MFM-110214 if I not mistaken.

So I suggest this topic for a compilation of POIs of East West Expressway, so MFM mapper can do their Good effort to our community.

Suggestions Sound Alert/Pop ups:

1. Creating Sharp Bend Alert
2. Interesting POIs - Best Food Stall, Resorts, Chalets, Lodging, Hot Spring, workshops, Petrol Pumps, Clinic, Hospitals etc
3. Speed Trap Zone - I found I fix camera install somewhere along the route
4. Engage Low (Perhaps) for downhills
5. No overtaking Zone Ahead
6. Overtaking Ahead
7. Many more

Why it is important:
I don't think that many people (GPS User) travel/use this route and if it does, we're solely depending on the information install in our GPS unit.

I'll update some of my POIs taken during the journey..

Thank in advance

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