************ TO ALL CONTRIBUTORS, PLEASE READ ************

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************ TO ALL CONTRIBUTORS, PLEASE READ ************

Postby doraemon » Sat Sep 20, 2008 2:02 am

To all contributors!!!

I found alot of POI submitted are already in the map. If you find that the POI in the map are offset and intended to do correction, please indicate in your waypoint (OFFSET, PLZ RELOCATE) OR (CORRECTION).

Eg: Mbb Elsewhere (CORRECT LOCATION).

Then I will know you are trying to correct the POI location.

If your waypoint is just "Mbb Elsewhere", I will just ignore if the POI is already in the map, and I assume that the ones in the map are correct.
Same goes to tracklog. Please indicate the tracks that you find that the road on the map is offset.

If you are new and only submitting coordinates, PLEASE NOTE:

N 04 deg 18.678 min
E 101 deg 09.024 min

N 04 56.809
E 100 37.903

N04 18.678 E101 09.024
N 04 56.809 E 100 37.903

** Notes taken directly from MSM... Lazy to rephrase la...

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