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Re: FREE!-MFM-PAPAGO!-S1 MY/SG/BN Map - 170809

Postby jhcho1 » Fri Sep 01, 2017 9:11 pm

This map update only for malaysia? how about singapore map update anyone? :thumbsup: :tq:

I am new in map update. I am using papago S1. My Singapore map was verion 2015-11-17 old. Always not accurate when using in singapore. After downloaded the latest update MFM-PAPAGO!-S1 MY/SG/BN Map - 170809. rar file. No folder for singapore map. Please advice on how to do. Thank. :tq:

MFM-PAPAGO!-S1 MY/SG/BN Map - 170809 rar file should have 3 folders. One for malaysia map, one singapore map and one brunei map right? Because you said MY/SG/BN three countries. :frus:

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