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TopNTP (for android)

Postby woofzgps » Sat Aug 09, 2014 9:08 pm

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@ ... zatta.agps



Since Android 4.4 the /system partition can not be mounted rw for some devices (Note3 fore example) by this app. This has to be done manually before installing the custom gps.conf file before choosing to install. I'm sorry for the inconvenience!

The app.
This app does installs a customized gps.conf file for your GPS. It has several different profiles to choose from. We recommend to use the default Google profile but it is up to you. Appart from the profiles you can customize the one chosen.

NTP servers
Derek Gordon maintains a special NTP server pool for you. Dispite what everyone thinks, it is not necessarily the one closest to you which is the best. We consider Derek Gordon's server to be the best option to choose because it has the best data and is most frequently updated.
For more information about the NTP server check out the "About this app" section found under the settings of this app. Also, feel free to visit for more in depth information.

aGPS Alamanacs
Derek Gordon maintains a special aGPS almanac for devices using Qualcomm or similar chipsets. This xtra.bin data file is updated every 30 minutes and is located on a content delivery system maintained by the generous donations of ther userbase.

To maintain the server we need money. Donations through this app will be divided between Derek Gordon (Crypted on XDA) and Zatta (on XDA).
Each star costs 2 Euro and will reduce the waiting time before you can install the patch. 0 star users wait 20 seconds, 1 star users 10, 2 star users only 5 and 3 star users and Premium users can install immediately.
You can become a premium user for only 5 Euro. This is a discount of 1 euro compared to a three star user!
We choose this method to allow every one to use all features of this app and because we believe in XDA developers users. Please, don't leech!...

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