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Underwater mapping of Corals of north BALI DIVINGMAP

Posted: Sun May 08, 2011 8:14 pm
by arjanrijkers
hello, my name is arjan. completely new on the block. do not understand a lot of gps talks. so please keep it simple.
I live in the north of Bali and together with 2 other neighbours we are mapping the beatifull corals of the Bali sea. There is allready a lot of time and work done. underwater and above. Had our share of problems, lost our info, start al over. the mapping started now 3 years ago.
It means that we can go out with a zodiac and spot on dive on the to the coral of our choice.
We work with a Garmin Etrex, a Geonaute and recently a Garmin Map76CSX. My Question to you experts is, How to map this, in what program, and what if we want to publice this to the world. Simply by Google earth?? There must be a better way

hope to get some usefull responses.

arjan, ed and John