Day trip to Johor - help!

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Re: Day trip to Johor - help!

Postby banduw » Mon Aug 02, 2010 9:57 am

Thank you very much simseair and singawon! Noted everything, and I will keep all that in mind. It was great help, and I will post my experience after I have returned.

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Re: Day trip to Johor - help!

Postby banduw » Tue Aug 10, 2010 12:50 pm

I returned from Desaru (to Singapore) last afternoon. Again, I want to thank everyone who gave me advices to help me out. Here are some important things to note for anyone else who wants to drive to East for the first time.

I joined the queue at second link checkpoint at 7am on Saturday (long weekend). It took me about 45 minutes to cross Singapore border. Then, I hit the nasty surprise! One km long queue on Malaysian immigration. It took 90 minutes to cross. I figured out the delay is caused mostly due to filling arrival cards – lot of writing!

Lesson learnt: if it is a long weekend, join the queue by 5am!

I took E3(N) and E3(E) to join Route 3 (Jln Pandan / Jln Kota Tinggi). There I got my next surprise! It took one hour to cross Tampoi (7-8 km stretch). There was no accident or anything out of ordinary, so, I assume that is normal traffic – terrible.

Lesson learnt: Go to bathroom at the checkpoint!!!

Perhaps, I should have taken Woodlands checkpoint because it would have avoided this stretch of the road. But I have no idea what the traffic in crossing Johor Bharu and Pandan will be on Route 3. Anyone having experience?

If I am taking second link (next time), I would rather go up on E3(N) and turn to E22(E) to join Route 3 (Jalan Kota Tinggi). It will add 15 km more (and extra toll) but it may worth the drive.

I was in Malaysia for three days, and each day I got into traffic jams (not just blocks – they don’t move at all). Then, cars started going in the road shoulder! Worst part is when "huge and overloaded" Lorries started going on the shoulder. In few cases, they were two inches away from my side mirror – I was just praying not to scratch me!

Lesson learnt: If you get stuck in a traffic jam (very likely you will), move to right lane!!

Took few stopovers at McDonalds, gas stations, Kota Tinggi town and Tebrau City – MFM directions were perfect!!! In fact, I would have seriously got lost in small towns without it.

Crossed the border around 2:20pm when returning to Singapore, and absoutely zero waiting!

New rule for Gas: Singapore cars are not allowed to pump 95. They can take 97 any amount – 20 litre limit is lifted. If you want to pay by credit card, you need to swipe it at the pump station, inside the counter, only cash is accepted (which was bit confusing to me due to language barrier, fortunately, I had cash to pay).

Total toll paid in Malaysia was RM 20. Bought a flash-and-go card at the toll booth (which holds a deposit of RM 10). Singapore side only accepts cashcard payments (total was about $ 5-6, can't remember exact amount).

Overall, we really enjoyed the drive, and the trip as a whole. Next month, I am playing to drive to Port Dickson (kind of getting addicted to this :) ).

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Re: Day trip to Johor - help!

Postby cruxader » Wed Sep 01, 2010 11:37 am


I just did Singapore - Segamat - KL - Port Dickson - Singapore over the Aug 9 Singapore National Day Long weekend!

Staying in Bedok, so I used Causeway both ways.
Hit Causeway around 4+pm and got 40min jam.
A bit sluggish until I joined NS highway at Skudai.
Had pre-dinner durian (turned out to be dinner!) in Segamat.
Arrived KL around 9+pm due to Segamat detour.

Came back on Aug 10 (school holiday but not public holiday).
Spent about 30mins crossing both immigrations at causeway.

PD was a nice change from KL...

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Re: Day trip to Johor - help!

Postby banduw » Wed Sep 01, 2010 11:58 am

Great! I am heading to PD next Monday. I hope it would be a quiet place! I am not much of a running-around person, prefer peace :)

Planning to go via 2nd link, NSE north and exit to E29 at Senawang area - assuming it is the best path.

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