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Re: Ipoh....我来了

Posted: Sun Aug 09, 2009 12:56 am
by michaeleu
JJ007 wrote:
singawon wrote:bro MFM88, where is this place Gua Tempurung? have the coordinates?
Try here ... ttingthere, N4 24.949 E101 11.266, prepare to spend the whole day there to explore the cave... :mrgreen:

my wife and her sis planned to go up Ipoh coming weekend ...
after reading bro Sin posts, quite worry about the traffic ... see how
Driving to Ipoh is ok, but if you tot going cameron highland, go up early by sg pulai, but expect jam loh when you reach the heart of cameron

have a few POI leh, bro Sin, you never pre-announced, else I have all proven ' hor ciak' places in Ipoh, just a few attached (in fact search for food, hit + , city "Ipoh", these places/ restorant are top one in Ipoh contributed by many members). One of them is a restorant within YMCA Ipoh, not many people know but they sell fantastic dishes from sharks (sharks fins, fried shark meat, etc) =P~
Will be planning another trip up to compensate the loss... :lol:

this trip go up, I will try MFM v1.30 \:D/

thks !. Will try Gua tempurung if time permit, definately do not have 1 full day ..

Been there in early June.


Just be there early for the first session and most likely be over by 2 pm.

Best to wear non-slip shoe.