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Re: Walkie Talkie Kakie (FRS & GMRS)

Posted: Thu Sep 29, 2011 11:13 am
by FrancisTLim
bimmer wrote:Could i get a programmable set from here (eg. PX777, i understand its programmable?), have it programmed with USA FRS/GMRS frequencies, use it there and then later bring them back have it reprogrammed with MY frequencies and use it here also?

This eliminates "illegal" transmissions on either side and i still get some use out of them on both sides of the pond.

Ahhh.... OK. I understand what you were thinking of doing now. The problem in both USA & Malaysia, and also in most other countries that I know of, is that the legal requirement of using Licence-not-required walkie talkies is that the legal condition is tied to the actual unit itself, not only the frequencies. So, if you got caught by USA police, or by Malaysia police, then only the approved model for that country is considered legal. So, if you use a illegal set and programme it to the correct frequency, it is still illegal and you will still get into trouble.

I think in all cases that I heard of, the people got caught physically, rather than via police monitoring of the frequency.