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How to Search for Stuff in MfM using Google or Bing

Posted: Wed May 16, 2012 12:07 pm
by tympg
Before you post about a problem you have or you just want to talk about a certain subject matter in MfM, you can do a search in Google or Bing so that you don't unnecessarily create a new thread on a previously discussed topic.

To search for something in MfM using Google or Bing, type <keywords>

For example, let's say you want to look for "nuvi address search" in Google. Just go to and type:

If you want to be more specific, in this instance you want to find "address search" as a phrase, you can enclose the phrase in Quotation Marks (" "). So, the previous search becomes

If you want to exclude a specific word in a search, you can use a Minus (-) sign. Let's say you want to look for "Papago" but you don't want to include "x5" in the search, so you type

You can also find a range of numbers by using two Full Stop (..) characters. For example, you want to find references to any of the nuvi 1xxx models, so you type

If you want to search for words that actually appear in the title of the thread, use "intitle:" to filter the search.

Thank you for reading.