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Re: Free Malaysia & Singapore GPS Map: MFM-Garmin 141222

Postby lunloon » Sun Jan 04, 2015 9:54 pm

ocdiver wrote:
chiamlh wrote:Good afternoon! I replaced to MFM maps via replaced gmapsupp.img file.
I can travel from Subang until Thailand border via this MFM map. My destination was Hat Yai.
But after Thailand border, I cannot see any map.

I can use search to find the nearest restaurant, hotel and etc. But while I set the destination, I only see one purple color direction line only.
Any advice?

Thank you,

From Wilson

Hio there... been a long time since I logged on to this website. Just finished updating my NUVI 1350 and I think i can explain your question.

How did u do the update? If u updated with the Garmin Updater which updates the maps from the GARMIN hosted site the maps will strictly provide maps for Malaysia and Singapore. Beyong those borders it just shows a line ...

To overcome this problem download the map from the MFM site here and run the program on your Windows com. It will install and generate a gmapsupp.img file for you. At the end it will ask u if u want to copy a file to your GPS. Generate it and place it on the desktop.

Rename the file (ex. 20141222.img). File size is about 107MB with the customised POIs included.

Connect your GARMIN to your com and make sure its connected in USB mode. This one stumped me for awhile as I could not get it to connect properly. In the end after a few calls discovered what I was doing wrong. Turn on your GARMIN, once it shows the map, then only plug in the USB cable. It must be a DATA cable n not a charging cable. Dont ask me why I dont know the difference all i know is I had to buy a GARMIN data cable!!!

Once u have it up it will show up on you computer like a pendrive. Go and open the /MAPS folder and copy the renamed file to the directory. If u use a separate microsd card its easier as u dont have to boot the garmin unit in usb mode. Just create a directory /MAPS and copy it there.

Once all of this is done boot up the unit. Goto TOOLS / SETTINGS / MAP / INFO. Make sure u check the map that u are using. As to date it is MFM-Garmin 141222

Go back to the main menu and use WHERE TO?. Search for Lee Plaza. If u can see all the road then it is done!!!

I hope this helps !!!

Cheers !!!


Then I have a bad news, I received No Matches Found. Using nuvi 500.

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