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TNB Power Plant POI location!

Posted: Wed Oct 09, 2013 6:22 pm
by simon_chin2000
Kindly add in these location for the power station in Malaysia follow by the coordinate,

Connaught Bridge Power Station - 3°2′37″N 101°28′7″E
Lumut Power Station - 4°23′27″N 100°35′22″E
Paka power station - 4°36′4″N 103°26′57″E
Pasir Gudang power station - 1°27′2″N 103°52′48″E
Petronas Gas Centralized Utilities Facilities (CUF) - 3°59′23″N 103°22′16″E
Port Dickson Power Station - 2°33′13″N 101°47′57″E
Prai power station - 5°22′31″N 100°22′23″E
Putrajaya Power Station - 2°57′56″N 101°41′5″E
Sultan Iskandar Power Station - 1°26′58″N 103°52′51″E
Sultan Ismail Power Station - 4°35′50″N 103°27′3″E
Tanjung Kling Power Station - 2°13′24″N 102°9′7″E
Telok Gong Power Station 1 - 2°20′51″N 102°3′6″E
Telok Gong Power Station 2 - 2°20′51″N 102°3′6″E
Tuanku Jaafar Power Station - 2°31′59″N 101°47′29″E
Jimah Power Station - 2°35′11″N 101°43′21″E
Manjung Power Station - 4°9′44″N 100°38′48″E
Kapar Power Station - 3°7′1″N 101°19′1″E
Tanjung Bin Power Station - 1°20′3″N 103°32′55″E
Gelugor Power Station - 5°22′49″N 100°18′53″E

Kindly reply with new update any new power station in Malaysia which not stated above.

Re: TNB Power Plant POI location!

Posted: Fri Jun 13, 2014 11:04 am
by zeese5
Hi.. may i know, is POI for power plant important? I believe, public & tourist don't care about power plant location. Only TNB workers go there.

Re: TNB Power Plant POI location!

Posted: Fri Jun 13, 2014 10:35 pm
by mechanic_guna
Dear Sir,
A map is useless without street names and POI's. As long as it benefits some people (in this case TNB workers, suppliers, engineers, lorry drivers or even tourists) it is worth to put it on the map. So please continue your contribution to the POI data base. This is just my two cents worth of ideas....