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Re: Suggestion Box

Postby musangking » Wed Dec 10, 2008 9:28 am

alyem wrote:
chew85 wrote:I think we need to organize abit on the forum! Like the Feedback and POI threads. Example: Open a new Feedback and POI threads everytime there is a map update. (Open F-KLS Feedback-MFM1.23, and then close the F-KLS Feedback-MFM1.22)
Ofcos this is only can be done by the admin or moderator, not done by normal user.

So that the feedback page won't over flow, it is also will help the mappers easy.


Good Idea also.. easy to trace back..
But our map update everyweek or so... Sometime only one or two Contribute on that thread.

Agreed. I feel that the forum is still new and we can control the flow. As it stands, some threads have run to over 72 pages already and the topic is supposed to be where we download the free map. I noticed that this is a huge problem for newbies to catch up on issues or questions they may have and have to sift through dozens of pages just to find enough information to string together. That being too much of a hassle, they post questions but these may have already been answered in various threads. Part of the problem also comes from us as we 'tumpang' threads to voice questions and deviate from the original topic instead of beginning a new topic.

Can we work together to avoid this? :champ:

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Re: Suggestion Box

Postby antyong (retired) » Wed Dec 10, 2008 12:37 pm

Thanks for all your suggestions and below are my answers to them.

Redstorm: shout box - KIV
Sabre23t: mission statement - Done
Turbosnail: no commercials or selling - This is our current policy. Whether we will change later will depend on our own needs
WeiQi00: deactivate inactive members - We won't want to be so restrictive
seethoe: nicer layout - KIV
silverbeauty: compulsory location & gps field -Recommend members to insert their GPS within a bracket in the location field
singawon: forum rules - Implemented as at 1/1/2009
rajeh1313: better forum description - Done
fazo: Malay name for govt POIs - Will consult mappers
keong8260: Clearer topic titles - Done
tlchuan: add rank images - Will implement
tlchuan: release Mapking version - We will if we are given the compiler
jovially-"Notify me when a reply is posted" - Already a forum post option
xtemujin: add events forum - Please use the community forum
deani77: open new window for each link - Hold Ctrl while clicking
mohicans: educating newbies on how to provide better feedback - that will be every members' responsibility
cmloo: sticky guide threads - someone need to write the guide. Again, it is everyone's responsibility
chew85: shorter feedback threads - will implement after appointing moderators for all forums

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Re: Suggestion Box

Postby antyong (retired) » Wed Dec 10, 2008 12:41 pm

I'll close this thread. Please continue giving suggestion at:
Suggestion Box 2009

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