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Warning Notice - Potential Abuse Using The Name of MFM

Posted: Wed Jul 28, 2010 10:25 am
by OngCC
Dear All,

The Admin had been alerted that some MFM members are naming/using our names to gain their Personal Agenda. Please be informed that the Admin will not hesitate to take necessary action to any member enduring in these activities.

Some of the alerts we received are:

1. Using MFM membership/Admin name on behalf representing negotiation with Navigation Software Co. for distributorships & etc. MFM will not held responsible if and when the negotiation is concluded. All negotiation shall be conducted by the Admin only.

2. Instigating other members to work towards their agenda.

3. That there has been Private Messaging by groups/dealers encouraging, damaging remarks and instigating members not to buy/use or sell certain brand of Navigational Devices.

Please PM the Admin if you come across such person or activities.