Create firmware RGN file ?

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Create firmware RGN file ?

Postby james_lee » Fri Jan 15, 2010 6:01 pm

When we use Garmin webupdater online update our nuvi software version, sometimes unforeseen circumstances will be caused "SYSTEM SOFTWARE MISSING", may be you will :frus: and send it back to dealer, dealer will not charge you repair fee if it still under warranty, but Admin fees is not free. from other site you may get the "Servise firmware" or what "Cure firmware", "service firmware" is RGN format file which created by using 2 tools name "unp2.exe" & "merge.exe", this service firmware RGN file is origin firmware which can be uploaded it through garmin Updater.exe into Nuvi's ROM, but not internal memory. "Cure firmware" is also the RGN format file, but this RGN file inside already been changed like voice name/map name/GCD name and so on, for some example, garmin voice file name xxxx.vpm, sometimes we copy some unsupported garmin voice file into nuvi internal memory, when nuvi start up, if it unable read this unsupported voice file, it will be reboot loop and loop, so the the "Cure firmware" has already edited the voice file "VPM" to "VXM", in order Nuvi will not be read this Voice file, Or if we copy the damage Map file (img), into internal memory, when nuvi start up, if unable to read the damage map file, it will be same, reboot loop and loop, non-stop. so that "cure firmware" has already edit the "IMG"file to "IXG" file, so nuvi start up will not be read the damage map file.
Thus, although making the RGN file is simple as ABC, but somebody without using Hexeditor knowledge will :ko: .
Dun worry............
Mr.TurboCCC has create a program name "SymbolExtractor_V120",
you just need to use this program open the "Gupdate.gcd" file, then Save as XXX.RGN file.
then, you have a Clean firmware "RGN" format file. Just easy as 123, right ?
No need to learn what "BD0200FF", unp2, merge....... :lol:
This program main purpose to extract all the PNG format picture files from "Gupdate.GCD"
Gupdate.gcd is firmware update files, All the PNG pictures are embedded into the firmware like your nuvi's interface picture, Map POI icon....etc,. the SymbolExtractor program can let you extract all the picture and you can view it from your computer.
beside of this, you may also replace the symbol as what you want, for example, if you don't like garmin default POI icon like shopping bag icon, just create you own and use this program to replace it.
New version v1.20 changelog:
- Added symbol replacement function. You can replace only if the size (in bytes) of the new symbol is smaller than the original. It may be a different dimension, but I have not tried it yet. Let me know if you do.
- Added RGN file save even if your source is a GCD file. Not possible to save as a GCD file for now. Once
done, put your gps in pre-boot mode and use update.exe (not supplied) to program the new firmware.
- You can use this program to convert the firmware from GCD to RGN. It has been tested with many firmware.


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Re: Create firmware RGN file ?

Postby WknThDg » Sat Jan 16, 2010 5:43 am

Make sure your GPS is compatable first!!!

From the Symbol Extractor V1.20 readme.txt file:
"This program will extract all symbols from a nuvi 765 firmware. The firmware file
should be a .GCD (like GUpdate.GCD) or a .RGN file. Symbols can be previewed and saved
for now.

So far, reported working on nuvi models 765, 2x5 and Zumo 660 firmware only, but could
probably work on the entire nuvi 7x5 family. Not working on 7x0 family."


Model Compatibility
SymbolExtractor has been tested on Garmin models:

•Nuvi 765, 775, 465, 2x5w
•Zumo 660

It is NOT compatible with the following models:

•Nuvi 7x0, 8x0, 8x5, 755, 6x0, 1480C
•Handheld GPS
•nuvi 370
•nuvi 5000
•Rino 110, 520
•Zumo 550
•GPSMap276, GPSMap295
•Colorado 400t
•Forerunner 305

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