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How to clear all User Data in Nuvi 42LM

Posted: Tue Jul 05, 2016 11:20 am
by moeyhc
I have the most horrifying moments trying to delete all the Favorites in a Nuvi 42LM for a friend as it is full. There is no selection to delete all Data and each favorite has be individually deleted... he has 998... #-o

Browsing the NET I found the hold lower right screen procedure while powering up to clear all User Data. Happily I ran the procedure and all went smoothly until I check the Saved option to find all its Favorite still intact. Rerun after rerun return the same results.... :frus: Am I missing something?

It turns out that this model is so intelligent that it will automatically reload the current.gpx and or temp.gpx in the GPX folder... ](*,) After deleting it the unit clears all the Favorites with only the default Garmin Sites location. This is the procedure I use to clear all User Data. Hope this is helpful to you.

How to Clear All User Data in Nuvi 42LM

1) Power On the GPS.
2) Plug in USB cable and enter USB mode.
3) Go to GPX folder and back up Current.gpx file and remove all files with .gpx extension in this folder.
4) Power Off the GPS.
5) Press Power On button while holding the screen bottom right corner with your finger. The power button can be released while pressing the lower right hand corner of the screen.
6) After about 5 to 10 secs a pop up menu will prompt to delete all User Data.
7) Select delete all Data and the GPS will reboot.
8) After rebooting follow on screen menu to setup your GPS.
9) All your Saved favorites should now be cleared.

Use at your own risk.
My 42LM was stuck at "Loading Maps..." after removing the *.gpx files (current.gpx & temp.gpx)... :mrgreen:
Luckily, it can connect to USB and after disconnecting it, it boots up with all Data deleted. I think most unit will have longer the usual wait at "Loading Maps..." but, I was impatient... :lol: When a Garmin is stuck at "Loading Maps...." it is usually BAD news!