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Newer Garmin GPS (PND)

Posted: Tue Aug 29, 2017 2:22 pm
by Nay Win
Dear all,
I plan to buy newer Garmin GPS like DriveSmart 50 or Drive 51. Presently using Nuvi 2565 after Nuvi 265 W , it could not boot up frequently in recent days. But noticed that last update from Garmin official site ,
1-those models are not included for updating Garmin maps like Gamrin City Navigator 2017-20 and Malfree 2017-20. What is the issue? :-?
2-What is major difference between these 2 models. I can read for Drive smart has blue tooth function which I do not need. :-k
Any experienced user advice is appreciated.
Regards. :)

Re: Newer Garmin GPS (PND)

Posted: Tue Oct 31, 2017 1:21 pm
by Nay Win
I bought Drive 50 during last IT show.
I could not see anybody reply on my post and here is my finding on its performance.

1- CPU is faster than my previous Nuvi 2565, that means, recalculating is faster.
2-It took longer to find satellite 50% of time for daily usage. Not sure for other users.

Using MFM map
3-It is not really as effective as Nuvi 2565 , it misses most detail of advices such as going into MCE and KPE in Singapore. Previous Nuvi 265 , although lost signal, by tapping top middle row of guide, I can see which exit No to take. Now it does not show.For example driving toward Tampines, it shows only exit to PIE( without exit No). So it is not really problem for who is familiar in Sg roads( can guess which exit to take), but who is not familiar, it is not a good help.
4-POI are not properly shown, only shows square white boxes. Only I can see are food court symbol of fork and spoon and male and female.
5-When it shows exit on open expressway, just exit No, not like Nuvi 2565 detail of exit No with road name. So at night, it is not easy to see exit No.( unless use glass).
6-Whatever way of routine( Faster Time or Shorter Route) , its selection of roads are erratic to me. Shorter Route, it will chose many small roads, Faster time, it keeps choosing expressway and major roads. So end up you go one big round to reach destination. almost 90% different from Nuvi 2565.Even I use Garmin City Navigator 2017-20 came with device. Only MFM Garmin(2017-20), then it is ok, but map is too old.
7-When hook up to computer to find map, I could not find where maps are located. In Nu vi 2565, it is under .system folder.

Using Garmin City Navigator map
More or less same as what I stated earlier, some of POI shown as white suare box.

Using MFM Garnin,
It is much better, I can see, petrol kiosk symbol.

I wonder Garmin change/ tweaked OS(firm ware) for Drive series, so it not exactly suit mfm (gps mapper) versions.

How about Nuvi 57LM, 67 LM users? Those are still under Nuvi series.