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by blackpc
Mon Jul 06, 2009 2:34 pm
Forum: Melaka Map Feedback
Topic: Malacca Feedback
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Re: Malacca Feedback

guys, i was in melaka last weekend and I think there's something wrong with the map; some one way road recognised as 2 way and i was navigated in circles while trying to get out of the city towards ayer keroh toll. :ko: :ko: I thought something wrong with my device, but then I tried with my wife's p...
by blackpc
Fri Feb 06, 2009 7:25 pm
Forum: PRK Archives
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Satay Alif (Taiping Railway Station)
N04 51.107 E100 43.888

Done! 363 - OngCC
by blackpc
Fri Feb 06, 2009 11:20 am
Forum: KL & Selangor Map Feedback
Topic: F-KLS POI Thread v2
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Re: F-KLS POI Thread v2

7 Eleven Alam Damai N03 03.696 E101 44.419 Cyber King Internet Cafe Alam Damai N03 03.706 E101 44.647 Damai Veterinary Clinic N03 03.693 E101 44.647 Klinik Alam Damai N03 03.715 E101 44.647 Klinik Selva N03 03.711 E101 44.646 Restoran Suria Kitchen Alam Damai N03 03.701 E101 44.648 Satay Alif (Taipi...
by blackpc
Fri Feb 06, 2009 11:04 am
Forum: Community Hall
Topic: MFM who am I thread
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Re: MFM who am I thread

nickname: blackpc
real name: not telling
role: penyibuk
GPS: GM XT on n82
joined this hobby since: 2008
age: 27
real job: Wealth Advisor
sex: always wrapped in rubber sheath. Still consider new ke? :peace:

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